Ending An Era- A Tale Of Two Pretties Review

It all began in 2004. I was fourteen years old, beginning grade nine, and totally obsessed with the movie “Mean Girls” (as many my age were). Browsing the teen section at the local Borders bookstore, a plaid covered book with the simple title “The Clique” caught my attention. The back cover said it was slightly below my grade level, but I had been required to read above my grade level in school for many years. I decided to read it, and was immediately hooked.

I continued reading the series through high school, eagerly re-reading the series in preparation for each new books arrival. I followed The Pretty Committee through a new girl moving in, their first boy-girl Halloween party, a clique break-up and make-up, a Spanish boy-snatching thief, their first boy-girl camping trip, a feature film, finding the key to a secret room at school, an eighth-grade party (with dates!), a summer apart, overflow trailers and a boyfast, a soccer cheer squad, hired friends (and another clique break-up), older crushes, and an alpha gone broke. It seems only fitting that the final chapter of this saga was released slightly over a month before my 21st birthday. In a way, I grew up with TPC.

The final book sees the girls rally together amidst a lot of changes. There are new television shows, psychic predictions, new addresses, and a prestigious traveling soccer squad. We see the Pretty Committee for the last time in the same place we met them (in the prequel, at least), Merri Lee Marvil’s New Year’s Yves party.

I have come to know and love the girls of OCD over the years, and I really appreciate how Lisi Harrison chose to end the series. There were a lot of twists that were unexpected (you’ll never believe where Massie’s headed!). In true Pretty Committee style, they handle all the surprises with class, grace, and the most stylish outfits.

If you are an avid Clique fan, you will love this book. If you aren’t an avid Clique fan, what are you waiting for? Lisi Harrison has written 14 great novels in the series, along with 5 books in the summer series (one for each girl) and a prequel. This series is great for middle to high school girls, even ones who aren’t exactly into reading. I would definitely suggest any of the books in the series to get younger girls excited to read, or as gifts for girls who already love reading.


(This post was in no way sponsored or affiliated, just my personal opinion.)

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