In Progress: Bottle Cap Necklaces

I recently got some painted bottle caps to use for making necklaces, bracelets, or pins. I’ve been working on some images to go inside of them.

Unfortunately, the colors became strange when I uploaded the pictures to WordPress. Imagine the purple spots as more magenta colored.

I’m hoping to also use these images as patterns for silk-screening soon, and the necklaces with these should be finished by next week.

Illustration Friday: Heights

Together We’ll Reach the Stars, colored pencil on ATC

When I first saw the prompt of “heights,” I thought of tall buildings. Somehow, this led to someone reaching for a star at the top of a building. We could always use a little help, so it became two working together.

Springtime Gloves


I have a slight obsession with gloves and socks. As in, I own way more of each than I could wear in six months. I also wear gloves way past when it is too warm to do so.

These gloves technically combine both of my favorite things. They are knit with sock yarn, making them light enough to continue wearing when it starts getting warm but your hands are too cold.

The fingerless style makes them great for working on the computer, knitting, or using your smartphone. Anything that requires the use of your fingers.

What is your favorite type of accessory?

Illustration Friday: Vocal

I know, it seems as if I don’t know what day it is. Don’t worry, I’m fully aware it is Sunday afternoon. But the project is called Illustration Friday. Each week a new, usually one-word, prompt is sent out via email (and posted on the website) for artists to interpret as they choose. This week’s prompt is simply, “Vocal.”

2.5×3.5 artist trading card in colored pencil.

This one is called “Sorry to Myself,” because we all could do with being a little kinder and more apologetic to ourselves and mostly because I had this floating through my head as I drew:

I’m sorry to myself
my apologies begin here before everybody else
I’m sorry to myself
for treating me worse than I would anybody else

-Alanis Morissette, “Sorry to Myself”

What is something you feel you need to apologize to yourself for?