In Defense of CDs

I love technology, spend most of my free time on the Internet, and own not one but two iPods. Yet whenever a new album is released that I must absolutely have, I run down to Target to pick it up on CD. That’s right, I could just sit at my computer and download it in about three seconds yet I go to a store, walk to the back to find the CD, wait in line to buy it, and then go home and put it straight into the computer.

Doesn’t make much sense, does it? But there is something about CDs that I love. I always have the CD changer in my car fully stocked, even though I have an iPod connector. The cases decorate my wall, even though I have the whole collection in zipper cases for easy access.

It makes a collection more substantial, really, to be able to see them all taking up physical space instead of just a portion of the hard drive. To have a collection of digital files doesn’t seem as impressive as stacks of CDs or cases. Sure, soon that may be all we have to show for our music collections. And, of course, I have a number of EPs and singles that I’ve downloaded because they were exclusively released digitally, but I still prefer holding that new CD in my hand before I listen to it the first time.

Is there something you still use that others consider outdated? Anybody else out there still prefer getting an actual CD instead of downloading music?

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