I Speak Music, Do You?

It should be obvious by now that I love music. Many, if not most, people do. But not everyone speaks it the same way.

It has been said that music is an international language, but that doesn’t mean it is all the same or that everyone will understand it all. Think of the different genres as different dialects. You have country like the southern dialect from which it is derived and what many people can’t always understand in conversation. There is teen pop which is much like the speech of its target audience, full of somewhat strange references and often frustrating to those over the age of seventy. There are always exceptions to the rule, of course (like those eighty year old women competing for tickets to the Justin burner concerts somewhere in the world. You know they exist.), but mostly it’s all the same language.

It doesn’t matter what language the lyrics are in, either. Most of the rules about chords, harmony, and syntax (ie: verse, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus, etc.) are the same. That’s why I find it frustrating when someone decides to do “their own version” of a song and completely rearrange those sections. It’s like singing with Yoda, except he gets away with he circular speech because he’s really old and a Jedi master. Plus, he’s short. I feel like you can’t really get mad at a quirk like that if the person is so small. I don’t know why.

Anyone else feel the same way? Have you been somewhere (I find it happens mostly with “worship” music) and heard something like that where the performer butchers a very popular song that everyone knows?

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