Illustration Friday: Faded

“Old Blue Jeans” – watercolor

The word faded always brings to mind jeans for me. Especially jeans that are faded in the right spots from wearing them for years, not the acid-wash style jeans.

“I’m gonna put on my old blue jeans/gonna walk out of here and into the streets/ would you put up resistance/ would it make a difference/ would you know the real me/ me in my old blue jeans” – “Old Blue Jeans”¬† Hannah Montana

Illustration Friday: Sight

“Look Me In The Eye”, acrylic on canvas panel

I am obsessed with eyes, so the “Sight” prompt was right up my alley. Most of my “notes” from high school (let’s face it, they were mostly pages full of doodles) would stare back at me twenty times over. They are just my favorite thing to draw, perhaps because they are so expressive.