Ever Seen Inside a Sand Dollar?

“Breaking Free”, mutlimedia on watercolor paper

I had been resting my sand dollar on top of my chalkboard (which is quite shakily balanced on two nails and often falls down when I erase) until a few days ago. It fell down onto my desk and split almost exactly in half, spilling the tiny birds between the pieces.

It was a ready-made art project. I just used watercolors to create the blue-to-purple wash and then glued the pieces on.

I love the fact that there are tiny birds hiding inside the shell, kind of like a flat egg.

Round And Round It Goes


Remember how I said I may be crazy? Well, I think I just proved it. This is a lap blanket I made for my grandfather for Father’s Day a couple weeks ago. In near 90-degree weather. If that’s not proof of insanity, I don’t know what is. 🙂

I modified the Pinwheel Baby Blanket pattern by not stopping where it suggested and continuing until it was a good lap-size instead.

It’s a fairly simple pattern. Every other row you add a yarn over to each group, creating the nice lines in the pinwheel. I also chose to do stripes with gray between the black and white in the middle and getting smaller with just the black and white on the outside. On the edge I just finished with a row of single crochet stitches and then a row of double crochets.

I’m considering doing an actual baby-sized one plus a toddler-sized one with a few embellishments in a month or so when the family I work for grows. It’s always a good idea to get the big brother something when the little brother comes so he doesn’t feel left out, and what better way than somewhat matching gifts.

I May Be Crazy

because I ordered all of these books from the library. At the same time.

I wasn’t really expecting them all to show up at once, knowing how long it takes for books to get from one library to the other in the LA County system. Technically they didn’t. I actually have one still on order that is apparently pretty popular. (Or not poplar at all and there is only one copy being passed around. I don’t really remember.)

There are 15 books that I picked up in one trip because I decided to whittle down my to-read list on Goodreads, plus four I get weekly from the city library because it gives me a reason to get off my tuchus and get some exercise. So I’ve been desperately trying to read them before they are due and I have to renew them again.

What crazy things have you done lately? Anyone else go a little overboard with library loans?