Wintery Birthday Presents

My grandma’s birthday was this past week, and with wintery temperatures and storms and such this time of year what better present than a matching scarf and hat set. Wow, that was a long sentence.

Lotus Stitch Scarf and Hat

The hat is made from the Third Base Line’s Lotus Hat, and the scarf is just the lotus chart twice each row with a garter stitch border for five feet.

Detail of scarf
Detail of hat

They were both made from Loops & Threads “Incredible”. Eventually I will become better about posting these things to Craftsy and Ravelry with actual information…

Tat It Up

On my winter vacation, I learned how to tat. Alright, so this isn’t the “What I did on my vacation” essay we all had to do ad nauseum in school because the teachers didn’t really want to be back any more than we did. But it is true that I sat on the couch for a few hours in between my knitting and reading to learn how to tat. And now I can, thanks to Tatted Treasures. She is even so kind as to include left-handed instructions. Which is good because I tried to learn the right-handed way and failed miserably.

After a few “doodles”, small pieces made with short bits of string, this bracelet is my first real project:

Tatted bracelet

It’s called the Tatted Corsage Bracelet because it resembles a corsage. It’s made up of four pieces (the flower, two ends, and the body) and it closes with a hook and eye.

Bracelet flat

The instructions are for needle tatting, but I made it with a shuttle instead. It’s all the same stitches, so it’s very easy to make them either way, even if I missed a loop on that left side.