Organized Reading

Like a lot of people who use gMail and read blogs, I’ve had my reading list all set up in Google Reader for a while now. Just like some of those other people, I got a little antsy at finding out Google reader is shutting down in June. What was that going to mean for my poor, unorganized reading list? Was it going to return to a giant file of bookmarks clogging up my internet browsers?

In stepped Feedly, thanks to many different opinions I found searching about this whole thing. Long story short, I love it. I have everything in categories set up in the order I like to read them. I can jump to any category, or read straight through the day’s posts.

I’m even making use of the “save” feature to mark posts I want to comment. My apologies to the people whose blogs I read, I’ll probably be commenting posts after you’ve posted again. Commenting on my tablet gets a little frustrating. I much prefer typing on the computer if it is any longer than a tweet. I spent all that time learning touch typing, I’m not going to be reduced to one finger typing just because the device fits in my hand.

Anywho, all this to say I’m tossing my hat into the “You should move your Google Reader feeds into Feedly” ring. Seriously, do it now. Especially if you have giant reading lists and like to keep that all organized.

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