My Brain Has Melted

Literally, I can feel it sloshing around inside my skull.

Ok, perhaps it’s a little exaggeration. I am insanely overheated, though. So much so that it took a ridiculous amount of effort for me to remove myself from the couch to perch on the mushroom seat to type this. Why bother getting up to go to the computer? Because it is too hot to put the computer on my lap, plus I can feel the breeze better sitting on the mushroom than slumped half into the couch.

I feel like a broken record with how much I complain about it being hot, but it’s been over 100℉ every day and we don’t have air conditioning. So I’m continually sweating buckets. So much so that I’m currently dressed like I’m ready to film a bad 80’s aerobics video. It’s what happened when I got home and threw off my dress.

I seriously have no brain power to do much other than sit around when I get home, so I haven’t made anything other than a dent in the couch since I finished the lovie Monday night. Not that I plan on doing any knitting for the rest of the week since I ripped my finger open twice with the needles I was using to knit that. I would like to get some sewing done, but sewing = turning on the iron, and that radiates heat that I don’t want to add to the current stuffy atmosphere inside the house anyway.

Fuzzy brain + not wanting to move only leads to one thing. I’m headed to plug in my NintendoDS and see how many games I can play through in an afternoon. Well, that or restart Zelda and the Windwaker again. I always get to the same place, get distracted for a few months and then have to start over because I forget what I was doing…

Any tips or tricks for beating the heat without air conditioning?

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