Wrist Rehab

Because what’s better for a sore wrist than playing video games and typing on a computer, am I right?

With all the knitting I’ve been doing lately, especially to get things finished on time, my wrists have been getting sore. So I’ve taken a little time off the knitting to do other things, like felting or playing music. But mostly I’ve been playing a lot of video games.

I’ll admit, I’m not so good with keeping up with those Facebook games. I start off really drawn to it and playing in my free time, but then I kind of forget about it for a few days and it becomes really tough to get back to it. That’s why I prefer video games. I can just stop and start and no one else is relying on me to play a word or draw a picture. And I can restart whenever I want.

basically, all this rambling leads me to the fact that I was trying to take a break from knitting to let my wrist and finger heal, but everything I do seems to be “carpal tunnel-inducing”. Playing guitar/ukulele, crafting, typing, video gaming, everything uses those same muscles. So much for giving my hands a break.

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