Organizing, Organizing, Organizing

The house project where I work this year is organization. That means the toys now have a massive bookshelf with a space for every kind of toy, the garage is more accessible, and I have a room now.

Say what? Yep, I’m moving in at work. Not the “put an air mattress under your desk for the days you are swamped with work” kind of moving in. Mostly because I don’t work in an office. But that leads to a new space for everything and coming up with nice ways to keep my stuff. Which means many hours surfing the Ikea website and then more hours wandering through the “Home Organization” section in the actual store.

I’ve also been bitten by the general organization bug. That means I’m off to re-organize my Netflix queues now that I don’t have to keep everything all in one. But I’m going to limit myself in that organization. Because it would be so easy for me to just sit down and make a list of “Fox Shows” and another list for “TLC Shows” and another for “DCOMs”, but I’m forcing myself to only separate it three ways.

My organizational efforts are probably going to be the theme for the next week. Although, I am hoping to finish my current pair of socks and then take a little break from socks for a while. So you should see this whole series of socks tomorrow. Hopefully.

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