I have a really long, complicated project that I should be working on right now. It needs to be finished before Christmas. Instead, of course, I am working on the swatches that will eventually become blankets but are not actually necessary to be working on at this specific point in time. When I truly was trying to get them finished, I got tired of them and wanted to work on absolutely anything else.

What I’m trying to say is, deadlines only lead me to distractions. I know there are many “experts” out there who say to give yourself deadlines to keep you motivated when working on things, but that just never works for me. I majorly procrastinate until right before the deadline and then rush to get things done. This leads to really sloppy results, so I’m thinking I need to stop giving myself deadlines. I obviously can’t handle them well.

That’s not to say that I procrastinate on deadlines given to me by others. No, quite the contrary. If someone else gives me a deadline, I will work continuously to get whatever it is done well before it is due. I just don’t treat my own deadlines that way.

Quick, someone tell me I only have 70 days to finish making Christmas presents! Because that may be the only way I get everything done on time.

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