Late to the Party

Apparently, even later than I originally thought.

See, I had seen advertisements and displays of colored mascaras in years past. At least, I thought I had. I can never be sure if these things I suddenly want to buy are things that actually exist or things I’ve made up in my head. Honestly, there will be times I’m scouring Best Buy and Target for some new electronic dealy that I want to see in person and check out, only to go home and look it up (or now even look it up on my phone in the store) and realize it was only something I wish existed. This is why I don’t ask workers for help in stores like that. If I did ask, it would have to be, “Do you have this somewhere in this store, or is it something I imagined?” That is never a fun thing to have to ask, really.

Tangents aside (That was a really long one, wasn’t it?), I found the colorful mascara display! Unfortunately it was also the clearance mascara display. Meaning they were already on their way out of stock before I even really knew about them. I should probably pay more attention to the ads in my magazines than skimming over them and only vaguely remembering what they were for. Anywho, doing a little more research I found out they have come out every summer since 2011, apparently with more colors each time. Pretty exciting stuff if it weren’t October already.

I managed to get a blue, a teal, and a green. A pretty decent palette to go with the colors I wear most of the time. And with my eye color. The colors actually show up pretty well, I think. So, I guess I will be on the lookout for them next year now that I know they really do exist and I’m not crazy.

Anyone else spend hours while shopping looking for things that you find out later don’t even exist? Or is that just me?

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