Will People Really Pay for That?

So I saw an advertisement, most likely in Rolling Stone, recently about the new designer line of Converse shoes that are going to cost $200 a pair. This is for a brand of sneakers that usually sells for between $30 and $40 and that is why most high school kids own at least three pairs. Now, I’ve seen designer Converse before that do actually look like they are worth the $100-$200 price tag (see the John Varvatos line that is made out of leathers and not canvas).

(image found at this Daily Mail article)
is not what a $200 pair of converse should look like.

Maison Martin Margiela has created this line of shoes that is just a plain pair of canvas Chuck Taylors (also available in the Jack Purcell style) covered in white paint. White paint that is meant to flake off as you wear it to reveal the shoes’ “true color”. First off, major mess. Essentially, shoes with a bad case of dandruff. Secondly, $30 on a pair from Target and maybe $5 for a bottle of tempera paint plus an hour or so of work could give you the same thing.

Maybe there is something I’m just not seeing. Can someone explain to me why dipping a pair of shoes in a bucket of paint suddenly makes them worth $200? Is there really anybody who is going to buy that?

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