WIP Wednesday: Project Tunnel Vision

I feel like I have a million projects that need to be done at once, and yet I am really only focusing on one. Mostly because that one is actually two and they are (hopefully) Christmas presents. So I probably need to focus on them. Except that a lot of the other things are also Christmas presents. Hope everyone likes gift cards. 🙂

The one (two) thing(s) I am working on is (are) done in two parts, from the outside in, that will be grafted together once both parts are finished. I started off by doing these one at a time. After I finished one 57-row repeat (and one border) out of a two and a half repeat per side project, I decided to make it easier on myself. Rather than making the same thing four times over, I’m doing them all at once.

I only have three on this needle, but the fourth is waiting on an extra cable to be connected once they are all at the same place in the pattern. Right now these three are on row 9 of the edging. It really is going more smoothly, once I managed to get all the stitches cast on correctly. Took about an hour of casting on and starting the first row, finding out there were way too many stitches, and re-casting on to get everything going.

These are almost the only things I have been working on this week. Makes for a bit of a boring update. But, I did also set up a Twitter account for Elizabeth House. You can follow it for more news about special events and things going on with the house.

Oh, one more thing. I managed to set up a Ravelry Store! So far the only thing there is my One-Day Armwarmers (Thanks for the love on that one, by the way.), but I am aiming to get a second (also free) pattern up there on Friday. If I can tear myself away from my current knitting, that is.

WIP Wednesday: Planning Stage

I don’t have many pictures this week. Mostly because I don’t really have much of what I’m working on started yet. Most of it is still in the planning stages. But I do have the yarn for my knitting projects.

But that is for a secret Christmas project. My Christmas projects are usually secret just in case I don’t get it done. That way no one is expecting something that can’t get completely finished by Christmas.

One thing I know I am getting finished on time are some hats I am making to put in the Operation Christmas Child boxes. Really, they are finished but I am adding these care tags to them, to make them look more legit and less “home-made.”

Also, tangentially related as my laundry is currently in progress, I found this on a clothing tag as I was separating clothes for the dryer or the hanger:

I wonder how many people on the line noticed that and yet said nothing. Or if it really got all the way through without anyone catching the typo.

DIY Friday: One-Day Armwarmers

Remember my friend who really likes purple? Well, her birthday was at the end of October. I still had (have) a ridiculous amount of that yarn, so I worked up a quick pair of armwarmers that, as the title states, only took a day to make. In fact, it took less than a day because I stopped working on it to go shopping for a few hours.

I’m not going to post the whole pattern in the body of this post, but click here to download the pattern in PDF format.

The gloves have knit 2, purl 2 ribbing at the top and the bottom, with the body worked in stockinette with shaping so it isn’t as bulky at the wrist as if it were knit straight. There is a thumb gusset, and the instructions for opposite gussets are included. But you could just as easily make the two gloves with the gusset on the same side because there is no patterning on either side. But making the gussets on opposite sides of the gloves makes it easier to keep track of while working both at the same time. At least it worked that way for me.

If you make these, let me know. I would love to see pictures. You can find the info on this pattern here on Ravelry. Also, let me know if you have any trouble with downloading, or notice any errors in the pattern.