Music Tuesday: Pentatonix Cover Daft Punk

Okay, so this week’s music is a day late, and everyone has probably seen it already anyway. But I had to share anyway.

Pentatonix (winners of Season 3 of “The Sing Off”) released their second album, “PTX Vol. 2,” last week. One of the coolest songs (although all the songs are great) is their Daft Punk Medley. I mean, Daft Punk songs + crazy a cappella vocals = instant win. They posted the video for the song on November 4, and I absolutely love it.

The glowing contacts are a bit freaky, but I definitely want one of those light things that Avi has in his hair. It would be pretty fun to just walk around with one of those things in your hair randomly just to see the reactions.

Have you seen the video already? Do you like a cappella music? What is your favorite a cappella song? (I have to admit, “Baby on Board” is still my favorite. That would be a cool one to hear Pentatonix do revved up.)

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