Music Monday: Ringing of The Bells

It’s officially the Christmas season! That means I will finally give in and play Christmas songs. (Also, because I didn’t miss it completely, Happy Hanukkah to those still celebrating!)

It is also, “But what do you mean I don’t have time to make a gift for everyone on my list?” time again. AKA, park my butt in front of the TV and work on things time. So I’m going to make this short (because I have a bag of rainbow beads completely unrelated to any presents that absolutely need to be sorted right now while my knitting stares at me neglectedly) and just leave you with my favorite Muppet Christmas carol of the past few years. Here are Beaker, Swedish Chef, and Animal singing what is called in the title “Ringing of the Bells” (I think the actual name is “Carol of the Bells”, right?)

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