Cleaning Out The Closet

I once read somewhere that, when cleaning out your closet, you should get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in the past three months. I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember what I wore yesterday. I would never be able to determine what I’ve worn in three months time. So I’ve come up with a system to keep my closet from being overstuffed.

Each day I take a picture of every piece of clothing I’ve worn during the day, with a few exceptions. Anything I wouldn’t buy second-hand, I’m not going to donate either. Meaning, I don’t apply this system to underwear, socks, or leggings.

After three months, I organize all of the pictures by categories of clothes. I also include sub-categories like tank tops, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, etc. Then, going by category, I take out anything that doesn’t have a picture. Again, with a few exceptions. I have to have worn at least half of the items in the category for it to be included in the clean-out. That ensures I don’t get rid of all my sandals in the winter or my jackets in the summer.

I’ve been keeping track since October, so today I did a big clean-out

The pile on the left is to donate, the one on the right is to be placed on top of the trash cans for anyone who may be in desperate enough need to take shoes that are falling apart or t-shirts with pit stains. Again, these are things that I would never donate to an actual thrift store.

Two grocery bags to donate and two to toss. I’ve actually cleared off about half a shelf in my closet by doing this. If you ever feel like you have too much in your closet, I’d suggest taking the time to track your outfits somehow for three months or so and see what you really wear. I bet it’s not as much of your closet as you think.

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