Slowing Down

It’s a really good thing that the holidays only come around once a year. I mean, I know there are technically holidays every other month or so through the year, but I’m talking about the giant explosion of activity between Halloween and New Years. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I haven’t actually rested since Halloween. Between making holiday food, Christmas presents, holiday shopping, parties, and everything else the month of December brings, I feel like I’ve been in a constant state of motion.

My fingers have been continually knitting and making things. My instruments are gathering dust in the corner because I had to get so many things made at once. I haven’t been able to take the time and just relax. So today I’m doing just that. I’ve got my tea, I’ve got a scarf to work on (at a much slower pace than before. Not racing myself, just taking it row by row, stitch by stitch.), and I’m considering hooking up my guitar and just playing for a while. If I can find a pick that is. I used to have a bag with twelve of them in it and I can’t find it for anything. Maybe I’ll get the piano out instead…

It’s nice to have a “lazy” day every once in a while.

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