I Don’t Remember

I mentioned in my post about cleaning out my closet that I have trouble remembering what I wore. Truth is, I have trouble remembering just about everything. Seriously, I remember bits and pieces of my life, but not many of them.

I am also not good at keeping journals to remember anything I’ve done. I’ve tried many times, because writing in a diary is something girls like to do. And I am usually pretty good about it, for a week or two. I have plenty of notebooks that track my life in two-week increments, sporadically. But I just can’t keep it up for very long.

I think I finally have found my solution, though. You see, I read “Imagination Illustrated,” the annotated version of Jim Henson’s famous (in Muppet fan circles, at least) “Red Book” where he kept track of the things he did, last year. (More info on the book from Amazon here.) That lead me to think that, even the things I do are much less important than the things Jim wrote down, I could write a line or two about the things that happen each day.

Having to remember to write things down each day was a problem, though. Just like other journals/diaries, I was certain I would lose my mojo by week two if I was just writing in a plain notebook. That’s why I went out on New Year’s Eve and bought a weekly planner. It has a few lines of space to write things in for each day. At the end of the day, I sit down and write down the highlights and little things I want to remember for each day.

So far, its nothing spectacular. Lots of “went to the park” or noting when I work on a knitting project. But hopefully at the end of the month, or year, or whenever, I can sit down and read the things I did and remember a little more about this year than I can remember about the rest of my past.

Do you write down things that happen during your day to remember later? Are you actually good at the whole “journaling” thing? Did anyone else fear journaling assignments in school because you knew you would forget to write something every day and have to sit down at the end of the week and write the whole weeks’ entries? (Man, I really did kind of fake my way through school, now that I think about it. Especially high school. And yet I graduated near the top of my class…)

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