So Cold

I know, half the country is under multiple feet of snow and seeing below freezing temperatures while we here in southern California are seeing 70 ℉ days. And yet I am sitting here shivering in a sweatshirt and jeans with slipper socks up to my knees.

But, cold is helpful to my knitting productivity. Which is good because I still have to finish my grandmother’s scarf plus a minion hat for the Despicable Me obsessed 4-year-old. And I had to start the hat over due to making it too big in the first place.

Basically I’m just using the yarn from the previous attempt backwards of how it was used in the first place. That way I don’t have to unravel the whole thing and wind it up again. It also comes in handy for knitting on the go, because I can just put the old hat inside of the new hat and don’t have to worry about it rolling out like a ball of yarn might. Made it easy to follow the baby around the school yard this afternoon at pick up time and get a little work done on the hat at the same time. Nothing like multi-tasking on the playground.

Hopefully those in the cold areas are staying inside and staying warm. How do you like to warm up when it gets miserably cold? Do you unravel a project to reuse the yarn, or do you use the yarn straight from the old one?

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