Brain Break

Ever feel like you have just so much to do that all you can do is nothing? I mean, you just have to take a break from doing anything in order to get much of anything done. Take yesterday, for example. I had brought along three out of my 5 current WIPs to work on, yet I ended up spending the afternoon watching TV, eating, and reading.

Not very productive in terms of progress on projects, but I think it helped my brain to relax a little bit and get more energized to finish the projects. Because every project I am actively working on is a repeat of another project I’ve done recently (another pair of mitts, another minion hat, and a third Starry stole – I will write about the second one later this week) it feels like I have been working on these particular projects forever.

Perhaps I need to throw in something new to break up the monotony. Actually, I already have a nice little project that shouldn’t take too long in mind that is completely different from everything I’ve been doing. Like, not even another fiber-related project. One with actual paints and paper. Hopefully that will help me finish these other things. All I have to do is sew the eyes on the hat and weave in the ends, it really shouldn’t be taking me this long to finish it.

How do you break up the routine of your hobbies? Do you try to change around what you do each day, week, month, or just do what you feel like at the moment, even if it is the same thing for a long time?

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