World-Famous Goose

Yes, you read that one right. I met a world-famous goose at the zoo yesterday. According to his friend Dominic, his name is Mario. He is also known as Maria and, on Facebook, he has over 4,000 followers under the pseudonym “Orange Bill” from the time he was featured in OKGO’s “End Love” music video.

Mario, who was originally named Maria until the zoo veterinarians found out it was male, was originally found at Echo Park Lake. He loved following runners and just interacting with people, according to this article. He made a special connection with Dominic, who used to visit every day at the lake and now visits him every day at the zoo. Mr. Dominic was actually the one who told me to go check out the music video.

He’s also been featured on Animal Planet, CBS, in the Wall Street Journal, and LA Times, even the BBC according to this Facebook page for the pair.

He is definitely a friendly little goose. I had one of the babies with me and they were “ba ba ba”-ing back and forth at each other from across the fence at the children’s zoo. Definitely go visit this little guy if you get the chance at the LA Zoo. (If you don’t know where the children’s zoo is, once you get up the stairs and through the gift shop corridor, take the path to the right and go all the way along the path to the end. You can also pet the goats and sheep there. Lots of fun!)

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