I know I’ve spoken before about how I will keep buying CDs ’til they quit making them, but rebuilding my iTunes library for what feels like the millionth time is making me rethink that stance.

Not that it is necessarily difficult or even directly time consuming. I mean, I pop in a CD whenever I think of it and let it run. Although, I have had some of these things since the beginning of the century (that makes me sound like a dinosaur or something) and some of them take seven to ten tries before they actually load into the computer due to all the nice scratches. You see, kids, before iPods (or before I had the money for an iPod), we used to carry these things called CD players everywhere with us. That meant usually carrying a small case of a few CDs to have variety. And those CDs would end up with a boat-load of scratches from being tossed around in backpacks and such.

Anywho, I have been rebuilding this library for a couple weeks now (thanks to the not-so-bright decision to keep my library on the same drive as my backups and having the whole disc corrupt on me and need to be wiped clean and reformatted) and I’m almost rethinking my position on digital downloads. I did just download the two audio+visual They Might Be Giants kids albums to give the baby something to watch that wasn’t mind-numbing and repetitive when he insists on having the phone. It’s kind of nice just having everything download automatically in the background and be available on my new phone without even having to download. Well, the videos work that way. Not entirely sure about the songs yet. But those go through GooglePlay Music which has a better queueing feature anyway. Plus, a lot of albums (well, singles and EPs, at least) are beginning to be offered in digital only format.

So, I’m not sure. Should I keep buying CDs (even though they are increasingly difficult to find), or should I switch to buying an iTunes card when I see an album I want and downloading it instead? Now that iTunes lets you back up purchases to re-download later if something happens to the library, would it just be simpler to download everything and then make copies on CD if I need one? How do you get your music?

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