Wirelessly Interconnected

I mentioned my lovely new phone that automatically adds (and, possibly unfortunately, lets me buy whenever) music when I download it on the computer. Getting that phone, which I have turned into one of those things Tiger electronics made in the nineties, was caused by recent upgrades to the house. See, there is now this lovely entertainment system in place with speakers in the ceiling and the television equipment in the closet. It is all run by apps on the phone.

(Doesn’t that look like one of those DataPads from the late nineties? I carried that thing around everywhere.)

Unfortunately, when they started this project I was on the cheapest “smartphone” you could buy. It wasn’t even recognized as a smartphone when Virgin Mobile increased their rate plans, so I was able to buy it afterward and still keep my $25 a month plan. But, I did pay for it by trading in my old iTouch and a couple Blackberries, so it was good enough. Except it never would connect to Wifi reliably. And that is how the house is essentially run these days.

So I had a bit of extra money after the holidays and finally re-entered the world of working communication. No, seriously, there would be times my phone wouldn’t even ring and I’d get a voicemail notification instead when I would get a call. Or the texts that would only half-send. Or the messages that wouldn’t come through because they *gasp* had an attached image or *gasp again* had originally been sent as a group message.

Sure, there are people out there who claim Apple is evil and conniving and whatever else. But I say who cares as long as I have a phone and computer that actually works. Plus I can access all my music videos to keep the little ones entertained every once in a while.

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