I Forget Why I’m Here

It happens nearly every day. I sit down at the computer or with my phone to do a little Internet reading. Inevitably I end up on a rabbit trail of Buzzfeed links or the like and an hour has passed before I know it. Then I go back to do the thing that originally caused me to log on, and I forget what that was.

Or, I try to make something for dinner and end up with halfway what I intended. You know, like forgetting the flour and baking soda while making falafel and ending up with chickpea, onion, and garlic mush that you have attempted to fry and bake. But that will become falafel tomorrow, hopefully.

Or there are those times when I sit down to write something, thinking I have a good topic to write on. Then you end up with this.

If you will excuse me, my brain is turning to mush and seeping out of my ear. I think I will just go back to my digital rabbit trail. That’s about as much attention span as I have today…

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