Absolutely Nothing

That is what I feel like I am doing these days. Work or knitting. I rarely leave the house, other than to go to the other house at which I work. My evenings, while never usually a time I would leave the house, are filled only with sitting on my rump trying to pump out these blankets. Which also feel like I’ve done nothing on them.

For reference, this is what it looked like on Monday.

Hard to tell I’ve been spending all my free time working on it. Except that the chart has grown by a page since then.

Of course, not being able to see progress is making me wish I could be doing anything else. Doesn’t help that I spend all my working time watching YouTube videos. Lamarr Wilson has started posting gameplay videos on his channel which is something I never used to watch but now make me want to be able to play video games more than the one hour a week I give myself. Not counting tablet games, but I mean real video game video games. Then there is Alexz Johnson’s new music which makes me wish there was time to play my guitar, or piano, or ukulele.

Basically, the knitting is getting me down because I spend the whole time thinking of things I’d rather be doing. But I’ve got too many things on tight deadlines to take many breaks now. And this is why I decided I couldn’t work in the fashion industry. Because all my homework would get cranked out in one (extremely long) night before class. Stress, you see, makes me itchy and I’d rather ignore these things until it is too late to ignore them.

Enough ranting. Time to take a shower and crank out another half hour of knitting time before crashing into bed.

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