Confession: Why I Will Never Be Able to Live Alone

My room is a wreck. If you’ve ever seen my room under normal circumstances, you are probably either thinking I’m Captain Obvious or you need to send in a rescue crew. Don’t worry, it’s not that bad. But it is in need of a good cleaning.

What? You expected pictures? Nice try, but I don’t want photographic evidence of that. Just try to imagine the mess of random instruments, art supplies, and a mix of clean and dirty laundry. Well, not really mixed laundry. The clean stuff is in the laundry bags, so the dirty stuff is on the floor.

I did at least manage to wash the pile of dishes overflowing in the sink. Because no one was going to be in the house, I just chose to rinse my dishes and leave them in the sink until I needed to wash them. Hey, at least I rinsed the dishes.

This is what happens when I’ve got the house to myself. I do clean. It’s not that I would have trash cans overflowing or have a house like one of those featured on the hoarder shows. Like I said, I rinsed the dishes pretty thoroughly before I stacked them in the sink. But when I have a lot of free time, I get into a habit of starting projects whenever the urge strikes. I just then fill my time starting everything I wanted to start for the past however-long-it-was since I had that much free time. Then I get to the end of the day and just pile the mess into a corner and tell myself I will clean that up later.

So now I have filled all corners of my room with things to be cleaned up “later”. And here I am writing this post. Because I will clean that stuff up tomorrow…

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