Real Fun in Rio (2)

Last night we went in a very large group to see an opening night screening of the hilarious new movie “Rio 2”. This particular group went to see the movie to honor the writer, Don Rhymer, who happens to be the late husband of a family friend. There weren’t any actual children in our group. And the theater was roaring with laughter through the entire film.

Basic movie synopsis: Blu and Jewel, the rare blue macaws we met in the first movie, now have a family, and there might be more of these rare birds in the Amazon Rainforest. When their human handlers appear to be in trouble searching for these birds, the family (and their hip hop friends) head out in search of them and find more family than they knew existed. Also, Nigel finds them and still has a score to settle with Blu. But wouldn’t you if you had been rightly defeated by someone and it had left you the flightless star of a street market “oddities” tent?

Obviously, another Rio movie set in Brazil with vocal talent the likes of and Jaime Foxx has an incredibly high energy soundtrack. With some hilarious songs as well. Like I said, a theater full of teens and adults was rolling with laughter the entire time.

You don’t need the kids as an excuse to go see this movie. Although, it would make a good family movie event, too. The adults wouldn’t be bored to sleep by the plot or humor, and the kids will love the bright colors, fun music, and physical humor. Everyone should definitely go out and see this movie. You don’t even need to have seen the original movie, this story works well on its own.

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