My New Car is a Nerd…or Am I?

After much deliberation, thinking, and deciding (well, about a week of it), I got a new car yesterday. Paying for it on my own. Completely my car. Still a strange concept to me that I could get it just in my name. Anyway, I had a chance to drive one of the new Highlanders about a week ago, I was amazed at the difference the space made with even just two kids in the car. I was really impressed when we all (both in a combination of four adults, two kids and three adults, four kids) were able to go to dinner in one car.

I didn’t end up with a Highlander, because I found the new Nissan Rogue with three rows of seats and a bit more seating space than the Highlander (I think) for $10,000 less. Meaning it knocked about $100 off my prospective monthly payments. Plus the Nissan dealer called me within twenty minutes of me expressing my interest on the website where I think the Toyota guy emailed in a couple days.

My last car was from 2008, meaning it had some nice things like an iPod dock and a 6-CD changer, but nowhere near as fancy as they make cars these days. Case in point: The gas mileage histogram/graph (I still don’t know the difference and I took two different statistics classes in high school)

I love this thing. It shows you what your average mileage was for the current trip, plus what your best gas mileage has been. It’s also got a meter that tells your average mileage as you drive, along with what the current mileage is at any given moment. I’ve found that I like that display the best when I’m driving, which can only lead to one conclusion. My car may be a nerd for keeping track of that sort of thing, but so am I for finding it that interesting to check as I drive.

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