To put it mildly, I’m terrible at it. Absolutely, positively cannot make a plan ever.

Ok, not entirely true. I make tons of plans. It’s my follow-through that sucks big time. I usually get about halfway through whatever it is that I’ve made my detailed plan for, say “meh”, and wander off in some other direction. Seriously, I even planned out exactly how many squares I had to make each day for my 400 stitch pattern experiment around this time last year. But I didn’t manage my 60 day goal. In fact, I think I still have at least 50 to go to finish the book. I’m close, but at an average rate of one every week I’m not going to finish that one any time soon.

As someone once said, “The definition of insanity is doing something over and over and expecting a different result.” Yet here I am, once again making a plan for a long-term project. Only difference is, this time I really do have a deadline.

You see, I’m making a scarf for someone to give to her daughter for her birthday in October. With the ever-(un)reliable shipping times of the major delivery companies in this country, I decided that means I should probably send this off in early September for its trek halfway across the country.

From there, I came up with this:

A little calendar of sorts that tells me which days I need to knit two rows, which I need to knit one, and where I should be hitting milestones like half- and whole-repeat sections.

I’m doing fairly well, so far. I did just create this on Tuesday. But I have completed all the rows I need through Sunday and am now counting each individual row as a single row day starting from the day I need to finish. That is what the black slashes indicate. Hopefully I can keep plugging along at this pace and finish it up in mid-July on my “vacation”.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed this works as motivation. That way I might be able to do it more often.

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