Isn’t That What A Diaper Is For?

There’s a pool in the back yard (with a safety fence, of course) and a pair of small children living in our house. Therefore, I make the trip to the local swim school about once a week with the baby for swim class. Yeah, not necessarily every week. Because there are lots of poops-in-the-pool incidents and classes get canceled for a day.

I’m pretty sure I know the reason there are so many incidents, and it’s not just because there are so many kids. We go on a day there are probably literally 3 kids in the pool before our class. It can’t be blamed on sheer volume of people. No, more likely it is the recommended swim diaper situation.

See, in an effort to be environmentally conscious (I guess), they suggest using one of these swim diapers:

Sure, it’s reusable and saves money and landfill space, but just look at it. You can tell from the picture that isn’t going to hold much of anything. We used one for a while and I could tell every time I got peed on, which means that every baby in that pool is at least contributing to the water level.

So why continue suggesting the reusable “diapers”? I don’t think they can even be called diapers, because they literally hold nothing. I switched the little one back to disposable diapers after a week in Mexico when he had diarrhea and the disposable diapers had worked all week to keep the pool clean. Granted, he’s now potty training so I can make him go to the bathroom before class and tell him no poops in the pool and he won’t, but most of his classes are populated by the under one set. And you don’t know when they poop until you smell it. Or see it, if you are in the pool. Using diapers that don’t actually work as diapers just makes no sense. If it didn’t work before, why do you think it will work this time?

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