I Cleaned My Desk…Temporarily

I lost my keys last night. This happens quite frequently lately. See, I have a bucket for them in my closet, but most of the time I just drop them on my desk. Which would be fine if I didn’t do that with everything.

Seeing as I had to work this morning and needed those keys to get into the house where I work, I decided to “clean off” my desk. Not really clean it up in any real sense, but take everything off until I found my key. I ended up removing all this stuff:

(except the towel that was already on my bed) from this desk:

My handy laptop and desk phone can give you a sense of size there. The bed is queen size, for reference.

Quite a bit of stuff to be shoved into such a small area. So I sorted it all on my bed, made piles by category…and then stacked all those piles back onto each other and put them right back on my desk. Like I said, I didn’t actually clean anything up. But it is now an “organized” pile rather than the overflowing mountain it was before.

And, for the record, I found my keys on the desk chair, not the desk itself.

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