Just Turn It Around

For all the things I take apart and put back together, or all the random crap I seemingly know how to do, I don’t actually have “technical skills.” See, more often than not, I tend to take the long, complicated approach to pretty much everything I do. Not on purpose, but because I tend to just jump straight into something I think I should know and end up having to retrace my steps back to near the beginning to actually solve my problem.

Take the water cooler, for instance. Sure, there was the part the first time I changed it where I misunderstood my mom’s directions and thought I had to take the top off while the bottle was upside down, but that was only the issue that one time. No, I’m referring to how I’ve apparently been using it wrong for about a month.

How does one use a water cooler incorrectly? Well, it starts with the little plastic piece that apparently lets the right amount of water through apparently getting knocked over and floating up to the top of the cooler. Simple fix, you would think, except that it wouldn’t stay down no matter how hard I tried to get it to connect. So we just spent a few weeks waiting until the water was at least nearly drained before we replaced the bottle.

Last night I went to change the bottle and tried yet again to fix it. I had left the cooler out of water long enough that I was able to remove the ring of ice that had formed inside it. I thought that should fix it and make it able to click into whatever pieces were supposed to connect. Didn’t work. I spun it in numerous circles trying to figure it out, to no avail. Then I finally looked at the piece on both sides and the thought occurred to turn it over because the piece at the top actually looked like there was something to connect while the bottom didn’t. Sure enough, perfect fit, five second fix.

If I were the philosphizing type (totally just made that word up, but whatever), I would say something about how you can apply that to all areas of life, blah-dee blah-dee blah, but no. I will just follow that story up by saying that I went from that small triumph to trying to charge my computer with the plug I had unplugged from the wall earlier in the day and wondering why the light wouldn’t light up for about ten minutes. I don’t learn from these things.

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