Na Na Na Na Na Na Bat-Hat!

I was asked for a Batman hat sometime last winter, but never really got around to making it since it was requested as a sun hat. Luckily the requester has a summer birthday:

I used some slightly stiff material that I don’t really know what it was and three strands of embroidery floss to create a patch to put on a sun hat found at Children’s Place. I created the bat first, then filled in the yellow around it to create the oval. I trimmed the excess material and closely blanket-stitched the patch into place. A nice, quick, gift idea that can be customized to the interests of the recipient.

In Development

I’m still working on my Starry Stoles, just not currently. I needed a teensy break from the monotony of swaths of stockinette and beads. Instead, I am working on this:

A bag full of yarn doesn’t make sense to you? Pssh, picky. Here’s more:

It’s a new lace hat that I am taking row by row, as you can see by the notebook in the picture. Basically I’ve picked out a lace pattern and am figuring out the specifics of each row as I get to it. Helps keep my place in the pattern, really, since it doesn’t exist until I get to it.

I’ve just gotten to the widest part, so now I’m just working my way through the length. I’m thinking another color change repeat and finishing off the band in gray. Hopefully I will have this hat finished by this weekend.

(Not-so-)Trashy Birthday Gifts

What do you get for a three-going-on-four-year-old who LOVES trash men, trash trucks, and trash cans but already has his own fleet of play trucks and cans? Trash. Well, sort of.

I needle-felted trash using the “Alphabet Soup” recipe from the book “I Stink” as a guideline.

All of the pieces, along with the description card, are held neatly in a (relatively) large garbage bag made of black fabric so there’s a place to put them when they aren’t being used.