Begin Again…Again

I’ve written about organization time and time again. Mostly because I feel like I am constantly organizing and reorganizing and reorganizing things all the time.

Sometimes, like yesterday, I just have to sit down, get everything out, and start from scratch. I took everything from the closet, then the drawers, then the desk to reorganize everything by category so it would be easier to access.

I started with the closet, took out my art supplies and computer accessories and created some nice space for my makeup:

Then I was able to reorganize my hair supplies into a combination of their original container and the old makeup drawers (plus I switched up some of the shelves):

Finally I reorganized my drawers so I can actually access everything. I’ve got the food together, the DVDs actually near the TV, and the paper near the printer:

It took most of the day, but I feel so much better now that everything is clean again. It was just becoming such an overwhelming mess that I could barely function on a regular basis. Now I can do things again!

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