Charting The Course

I’m working on some knitting patterns that require charting stitches and I was trying to find a way to create them that would not be so frustrating. I’ve tried before making them in Illustrator, but I have difficulties getting the symbols to line up and having to copy/paste them in the correct order.

Enter the Knitting Font. (Note, if you are going to download it, the “OpenType” seems to be the only one working for Lion on Mac.) I’ve created a page in TextEdit and have spent the past few hours typing lots of lines of “pppkkkkkkkpppp” and such. If you ignore the suggestion on that page of typing in a regular font and changing it later, you can see the chart take form as you type and keep track of everything.

Hopefully this is helpful to anyone who wants to create their own charted patterns, or just chart out a written pattern for themselves to see it better while working.

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