My YouTube Channel Has a Video (Times Like These Cover)

Okay, I had promised Friday, but if you had known me in high school you would know how prolific I am at lying (I swear I printed that and put it in my notebook last night and now it’s gone… I was working on the Powerpoint last night and it was there, but when I opened it this morning it was blank…). Though this one isn’t a total lie. I had said it would happen Friday depending on how my day went, and it went for about 14 hours straight. That said, I did at least film this yesterday:

That’s right, my first YouTube video ever and… it’s a cover. Yeah, yeah, typical. But I wanted to do something different and a little bit fun compared to my normal routine of stitches, more stitches, some typing, more stitches, other kind of stitches, you get the picture. So I played through half of the Foo Fighters “Times Like These” about 70 times and actually got through the whole song without messing up a handful times in there. Of course, those times the camera didn’t focus or there was a weird noise outside.

I know that the camera shakes a bit. Happened because I only have my tiny tripod and every seating surface in the house is horribly backlit when I place my camera on a solid surface. So I had to set it on my tablet, on the bed, with my phone propped up behind it with the forward facing camera on so I could tell whether I was in frame or not. I would liked to have taken a picture of the set up, but the only thing left with a camera on it was my laptop and that would’ve just been too much craziness. I should’ve done it anyway…

Anyway, point is I finally managed to record it. And now my fingertips of my left hand are still numb, but that’s beside the point. I promised something different, and here it is. Well, up there it is…Enjoy.

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