Illustration Friday: Skull

It’s been a while since I’ve done an “Illustration Friday” topic, but seeing as I got myself a Wacom tablet this week, I decided to attempt this one while I learned how to use it.

It’s taking a bit of work to get the hang of drawing sideways and seeing it drawn straight on the screen. I even tried turning the canvas on the computer at first. But the tablet doesn’t know it’s been turned. It’s actually getting easier the more I work with it.

Drawn in ArtRage software using a Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Tablet.

Summertime is for Making Things

One of the best parts of summertime is being able to take the kids outside and make messy stuff. Like playdough:

Especially green playdough to be used as garbage in the trash truck. I used this no-cook recipe from Instructables so baby could help me stir. We had to wash hands about six times in the whole process, but being outside it just involved turning the hose on.

I also made a lot of cookies. As in 72 cookies. 72 medium sized stars topped with 72 mini stars. In rainbow colors.

I started out with red, yellow, green, and blue dough, making twelve of each because that is what fits on the tray at a time. Then I mashed the yellow and blue each with half of the red to get orange and purple. Then, with the leftover orange, purple, and green I made mini stars to “glue” on top of the larger stars.

I used white cookie icing to stick the stars together, making sure I had the same number of each kind and didn’t use the same color together.