Two Weeks Vacation

I thought I would’ve gotten more done. Truly, I did, because I am completely insane, apparently. I went a lot of places, but didn’t make much progress on any projects I had hoped to complete.

That complaint out of the way, I did at least finish one project, which was technically three projects. The final three scarves are officially finished as of the first two days of my “vacation”. Took until the end of the week to get pictures, but I am finally finished with everything.

They are all from the Starry Stole pattern from Knit Picks with a few modifications: one extra full repeat and the beads are added by crochet hook instead of being pre-strung.

More specific information about each scarf on their Ravelry pages:

The yarn for the pink I dyed myself and it came out with a nice mottled/stripey effect. It doesn’t show up well in the photos, unfortunately, so you just have to trust me when I say it looks really cool.

You’ll get to see more of my vacation “adventures” all this week, while I desperately try to finish my 400 stitches project I started over a year ago. I’m totally in a finishing mood lately, even though I want to start some new things. I just feel like I want to get these super-long-term projects out of my list.

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