Let’s Hit The Beach (And Aquarium)

Though it was two separate days.

Tuesday, after I got off work, we decided to hit the beach. You know, considering I’ve lived on the coast for almost six years now and can count the number of times I’ve been to the beach on one hand, we thought it was a necessary vacation activity. That and we were very pale:

Of course, being summer it was quite crowded, as were the roads to and from Santa Monica. So we thought we’d take Sunset back to the valley and avoid major traffic. Bad idea, because we missed the announcement that the break in the water main at UCLA had closed Sunset. We ended up traveling through UCLA, and even heavier traffic. But we eventually got home and got some pizza, just added a bit of sightseeing to our trip.

The next day we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific. And for lunch stopped at the Bubba Gump restaurant located across the driveway…Anyway, here are lots of pictures:

These are jellyfish sharing a tank with a tiny octopus through the magic of TV reflections.

Sea dragons and sea horses.

Soon-to-be baby sharks, still in their eggs with windows added.

Birds, for some reason.

Not-so-camera-shy penguins.

And lots of jellyfish, other fish, and shrimp.

I’ve put all 286 photos into a nice little Google+ Photo Album if you’d like to see more of the sea creatures we encountered. Tomorrow, The Getty Center.

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