Let’s Get Cultured

Don’t worry, no mold here. I’m talking about going to the museum. The J. Paul Getty Museum, to be exact. That is where we spent our Saturday afternoon.

After getting to the bus stop way early, having lunch at Starbucks, and waiting ten minutes after the bus was supposed to come, we decided to spend the extra $5 over bus pass price to just park at the museum. Way better decision, no way would it have been enjoyable to take an hour and a half bus ride back after all the walking.

We waited a while to take the tram to the top of the hill to get to the museum. It’s a really cool place, lots of great architecture. This is the front entrance hall:

We visited some of the 16th or 17th century paintings (I can’t remember exactly which era they were) with their special iPod tour guide thing, then traded those back in to go explore a few other exhibits on our own. We saw a special dance exhibit in the research center, then went to see the photographs in the photography center.

After that we were very tired and hungry and ready to head home. Unfortunately, the line for the tram was at least twice as long to go down as it had been to go up. We were told it was only a fifteen minute walk down. I think someone had been given the wrong info, but we did at least get to see a few good views on the way down:

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