Welcome Home Gifts

After two weeks away, the little ones and their parents came home. While they were away, I was tasked with clearing off the chalk wall in the oldest’s room. I went a step further and added a nice little “Welcome Home” mural above the window.

The boys brought me a few things back from Martha’s Vineyard, as well. Not a week goes by without having to take the oldest to the Lego store, therefore this was one of the things they brought back:

It now resides on the shelf below my winter-themed Simpsons figures from last Christmas, plus a shadowbox diorama from their trip to Mexico and among other little gifts.

I also got a “Black Dog” t-shirt, just like the ones they get every year. They definitely get my color scheme, eh?

Now we have mostly settled back into our daily routine, except for this being the last week of summer. Next week there is Kindergarten orientation and the first day of school. Yes, this early in August we are headed back to school. Seems kinda ridiculously early, but it is happening. And so will the traffic.

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