Exhaustion, Sickness, and Pictures

Not all of which are mine. Most of which aren’t, actually.

The exhaustion was, though. I ended up in bed at eight, asleep by nine. Granted, I’m usually in bed by nine-thirty on a normal night, but I basically couldn’t stand up any longer. Strange, since I slept the night before just fine.

I’ve also been thrown up on twice this week. Well, not physically thrown up on, but I’ve had two separate children blow chunks under my watch. The first was my fault for giving cheese toast with antibiotics, and the second one came out of nowhere. We left a nice little mark on the park today…

After all that loveliness, how about some pictures?

Baby’s first experience with the DSLR. (Mama, ignore that last sentence. Baby did not use your camera. That is not jelly smeared on the shutter button…) He went back and forth between, “Cheese,” and “Heavy,” but these are some pretty good pictures as far as blurry pictures of feet go. I think he’s ready for his own Instagram account.

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