I Can’t Wait

In a way, package tracking is a really good invention. I mean, how else would we have known that our package was marked delivered even though it wasn’t on our doorstep? How would we have known to call FedEx and find out it had been delivered to the gas station across town? (Luckily it was pretty darn close to being the smallest town ever and across the town was really just over the interstate bridge. We got the box back the same day we had found out where it was.)

Instant package tracking on my smartphone is another matter, though. I’m not good at waiting. There’s a present in the closet right now for two-year-old’s birthday that I am having trouble waiting every day to give to him, and his birthday is only on Monday. But waiting for packages is even tougher. Especially with instant access on my phone.

I am one of those people who checks their email a ridiculous number of times a day. Anytime I see that little “unread message” indicator on the app button I have to click in to at least read who the message is from. And while I am in there I will usually scroll down to whatever shipment confirmations I have sitting around and click through to the shipment tracking. THis makes it even harder to wait. Especially when it says out for delivery. Then I’m like a dog waiting at a dinner bowl checking out the front window every five seconds for the mailman.

You would think that knowing where a package is would make one less antsy about its arrival, but it has the exact opposite effect on me.

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