Finally Finished with 400 Stitches

Over a year ago I set out to knit swatches of every pattern in the book “400 Knit Stitches.” I finally finished today! More than a year after I had set out to be finished, but I stuck with it anyway.

Even though the swatches are finished, I am not completely finished with the project. Now these 394(ish) swatches have to have their ends woven in and then they are going to be separated, sorted, and made into blankets for Project Linus.

I only knit 394 of the patterns because a couple were the same pattern repeated in the opposite direction (like reverse stockinette is just regular stockinette turned over to the bumpy side), two wouldn’t work on the type of yarn I was using, or other reasons I can’t remember. I say I have around 394 squares because I couldn’t find the pictures for some I swear I did, so I redid those. I may have actually hit the 400 mark, I’ll find out when I count them this weekend.

It’s so nice to no longer have such a long-term project on my mind constantly. I can now start other projects without putting off finishing this one. Although, now I will have to figure out what my next project is…That’s a project in itself.

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