Though it came out last week, I finally saw the newest movie from Laika (the production company that made “ParaNorman” and “Coraline”), The Boxtrolls, on Sunday. I’ve always loved stop-motion animation. I try to see all the works by houses like Laika and Aardman (“Walace and Gromit”, “Chicken Run”, “Shawn the Sheep”, etc.). It’s a refreshing change from the world of CGI. Not that I don’t like CGI, but traditional forms of animation are most certainly still relevant.

Anyway, this particular movie was amazing, though not completely what I expected. I had thought it would be more of a comedy, and it was certainly funny, but it was exceptionally sad in places. Depressing almost.

Now, don’t let that turn you off of the movie, because it was a perfect mix of the two sides. Like, there would be something sad or scary or depressing, and then there would be something funny right after. They struck the perfect mix of dark and fun.

The movie is an adaptation of the story “Here Be Monsters.” It’s a story about underground creatures, the Boxtrolls, who have created a society by picking from the trash of the upper world. But some in the upper world think they are menaces and are hunting them down, trying to eradicate them. There is danger, and silliness, and an all-around good story.

Most of what we saw in the first trailers for this film was the behind the scenes. Holly Klein posted a really good behind the scenes video on her “Unfurled” blog (since her husband worked on the movie and is featured heavily in the featurette). It’s really interesting to see how much time and effort goes into it all. Also, there is a break between the animated credits and the full credits where you get another peek into the making of, so be sure not to leave until you’ve seen that.

The movie theater we went to was only showing it three times a day, but if you do get the chance to see it I strongly encourage you to do so. You will most definitely fall in love with these little trolls.

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