The Secret to Finishing Your Knits

And by finishing, I don’t mean knitting it. That’s the easy, fun part. No, I mean weaving in those inevitable ends sticking out all over the place. That isn’t fun. You know what is even less fun? Having over 800 ends to weave in (because each square has two ends to weave.

I tried handing off the squares for weaving, but that only got so many of them done. And I’m not about to put literally every other project on hold while I constantly weave in tiny ends. Not going to happen. So instead I’ve taken my project bag and filled it with squares, my needle tin, and a pair of scissors to toss in my bag on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I babysit at a house other than the one I live in, so I don’t have anything but what I bring in my bag to do while the little guy sleeps for an hour or so after the park.

This has forced me to finish these for two reasons: 1)I have nothing else to do while I’m there, and 2)My project bag is already full of squares which makes it less likely I will empty it to put a more interesting project in there. Hopefully all this means I will be finished with these squares by next week to get a final tally on how many squares I really created. Plus, then I get to move on to making them into blankets and giving the blankets aways so this project is no longer sitting around everywhere taunting me to get it finished.

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