I really wish I were good with directions. Sometimes I like to pretend I am, even though I really am not. Like today. We set off for Griffith Observatory. I had been up in that general direction before once when I got lost getting to the zoo. Seeing the pattern yet?

I plugged the address into my phone and started relaying the directions to my mom, until we were half way to Hollywood and I saw that there was a massive traffic jam. That’s when I decided we should turn around and go the other way around the hill. Without the phone directions…

About half an hour later (at least), we were driving up the hill toward the observatory. Well, creeping up the hill toward the observatory. All the parking spaces along the street leading up to the parking lot were full. The parking lot was even more so. So we observed the observatory from the car in the parking lot and headed back down.

We went back home and decided to get coffee, run an errand, and try a church service nearby. Coffee run went well, considering this is LA and there is a Starbucks on very nearly every corner. We even made it to the store, since it’s a route I walk quite often. Getting back to the church was a bit more of an adventure. I was certain I knew a shortcut. Which dead-ended straight into a television studio, and another dead-end street.

Luckily the dead end street went into a wash that went up an embankment to the street we needed. So it was still a shortcut. But perhaps I need to stick to main streets from now on.

NaBloPoMo November 2014

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