Video Friday: Heart Like That Cover

Happy Friday! It’s almost the end of the first week of NaBloPoMo, which means I’ve posted six entries in the past six days. Granted, some were not very long, or coherent, but I made through the week anyway. This post makes number seven on day seven.

Like I mentioned yesterday, today’s entry features a video. I thought a Friday video would be nic after all that reading. Though there is quite a but of reading to be done here, too. So, video first, more writing after.

This particular video was filmed using the trusty “stack a bunch of stuff on each other to make the camera taller” method. Because that is totally a thing. No really, it is. Just trust me.

That’s the camera on the desktop tripod, on the overturned trash can, on my closet step stool, on my cajon drum. I’m an expert macguyverer. Pretty sure I also just made a word up there.

This was the first time I’ve ever recorded sound separately from the video. Usually I’ve just take what my camera records and put that straight up, but this time I ran the keyboard through the computer as a midi keyboard and recorded the vocal track, too. Mostly because I wanted to see if I could then manage to sync the audio and video correctly. Nothing like putting a challenge into a challenge in a challenge. Challenge-ception.

Since this month is all about the challenges, what should next week’s video be? Leave me a comment below with suggestions of songs or any other type of video you want to see next Friday.

NaBloPoMo November 2014

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